Plugging in for Automated Delivery: Ottonomy Launches Contactless Delivery Robot with Los Angeles-based Mobile Ordering App, Crave

“Our omnichannel mobile ordering is built to benefit both customers and the staffing needs of retail and restaurant industries,” says April Cho, CEO of Crave. “Ottonomy allows us to give the option for contactless delivery at food courts, curbsides and at your doorstep.”

Staffing shortages is one of today’s biggest business challenges in the retail and restaurant industry and Ottonomy are helping to mitigate the challenges businesses and consumers are facing as a result of labour unavailability. Ottonomy is providing safe, scalable and reliable deliveries operating on a “RaaS” (Robots as a Service) model that enables a more economical, sustainable and scalable delivery option in comparison to traditional 3rd party delivery services.

“Scaling technologies like robotics in public spaces is extremely challenging, there are many outside factors to consider when embarking in an industry that involves consumer-facing interaction,” says Ritukar Vijay, CEO of Ottonomy. “In the development of our technology, our team was careful to factor in safety to ensure that the solution would be plug and play and scalable for the enterprise.”

Unlike others in the industry, Ottonomy’s robot leverages a proprietary contextual mobility navigation software that enables the robot to navigate both indoor and outdoor environments. The robot is fully autonomous from day one. The robot comes programmed with multi layered safety protocols to facilitate safe navigation in crowded environments like curbside, sidewalks, airports, etc.

With sustainability as a core part of its vision, Ottonomy robots are set to reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life. Watch the video and to learn more, please contact our PR team or visit

Published in: Yahoo