Ottobot Yeti delivery robot autonomously dispenses packages

In 2022, Ottonomy developed its latest delivery robot, Ottobot Yeti, which features an automatic package dispenser. Once the robot reaches its destination, the last-mile-delivery bot can drop its contents onto a doorstep or transfer them into a compatible locker for safekeeping until the human arrives to pick them up. Yeti follows the late 2022 addition of Ottobot 2.0, which offers custom options such as the ability to swap out modular bins for different deliveries.

Ottonomy’s Ottobot Yeti delivery robot can autonomously drop off packages without the need for a human to be on-site to receive the package. It uses a simple tilting mechanism and rollers to dispense the packages. There are plenty of last-mile delivery robots commercially available, but one that is fully independent of humans is novel at this point. It could open up new applications, such as returns, for the system. Ottonomy has several concurrent programs in cities across the world, including Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Oslo and Madrid. It’s also working to expand to additional markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. As demand and use cases for autonomous delivery continue to grow, Ottonomy is well-positioned to provide its robots as a service and capitalize on its unique technology. – Mike Oitzman

Published in: Robotics Business Review