Ottonomy.IO and Goggo Network Partner for Fully Autonomous Robot Deliveries in Spain

Ottonomy.IO and Goggo announce their partnership for last-mile deliveries in Spain and Europe. This is the first time in Europe that a fully L4 autonomous robot will be traveling on public sidewalks to deliver commercial goods to consumers. Goggo has already started its deliveries with Ottobots in the cities of Alcobendas and Zaragoza, and will be expanding to other European cities soon.

Goggo Network, the European leader in last and middle-mile logistics with Autonomous Vehicles and Robots, is expanding its current fleet of robots and Autonomous Vehicles for last-mile deliveries of its partner network of retailers and restaurants with the Ottobot, the autonomous robot developed by Ottonomy. With an initial fleet of Ottobots in Alcobendas and Zaragoza, Goggo expects to grow its fleet of Ottobots in Spain and Europe as new operating areas expand.

“Now with Ottonomy in our fleet, we continue building our unique, innovative and sustainable last and middle-mile logistics services with autonomous vehicles and robots in Europe ”, says Yasmine, co-founder and COO of Goggo Network. “We selected Ottonomy.IO because of its leadership in building fully autonomous delivery robots. We are happy to integrate the Ottobot into our AV fleet, as it provides an extremely safe and efficient mode to reach customers to our network of retailers and restaurants.”

Ottonomy.IO is a recipient of the 2021 Sustainability Product of the Year award by Business Intelligent Awards, Ottobot was officially launched in January 2022 as the first fully autonomous delivery robot. Following that, the Ottobot 2.0 was released in August 2022, and in January 2023, the Ottobot Yeti, the first fully autonomous robot capable of making unattended deliveries, was launched. Ottonomy has led the autonomous robot market with solutions for retailers, restaurants and e-commerce delivery with its diverse capability for airport, curbside, first and last mile delivery solutions.

“We are continuing our work to create sustainable and efficient solutions for all parts of the supply chain,” says Ritukar, co-founder and CEO of Ottonomy. “We chose Goggo for its unique position as an AV-specialized logistics operator and leadership in the EU, which unlocks high growth potential and scalability, and allows us to improve the functionality and accessibility of the Ottobot for end users worldwide.”

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About Ottonomy.IO

Ottonomy is a US startup and has built a best-in-class robot capable of fully autonomous deliveries in both indoor and outdoor environments.The co-founding team comes with combined experience of more than 50 years in autonomous vehicles, robotics and AI. Ottonomy is the first company in the world to use robots for deliveries inside an airport and has developed a proprietary platform enabling their robots to be fully autonomous without requiring any teleoperation support.

About Goggo

Goggo Network was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky and Yasmine Fage to become the largest logistics operator focused on autonomous and electric fleets in EMEA, by building a Hybrid network of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and Robots for cargo transport, also addressing key environmental aspects like pollution and traffic. To achieve this vision, Goggo has raised over €24 million in Venture Capital funding so far from Softbank and Axel Springer Ventures, and has developed a proprietary platform to automate the logistic chain processes with AVs and robots. For more company information visit

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