Get your beer from an app-connected roving robot with the Ottobot Brew

Ottonomy is introducing two delivery robots at CES 2024, with the Ottobot Locker joined by the drink-dispensing Ottobot Brew.

Developed in partnership with Harbor Lockers, the Ottobot Locker is an L4 autonomous robot that aims to handle localized shipping tasks for the first mile and the last mile. Working at Harbor Locker locations, the Ottobot Locker is able to deal with taking items from one place to another, acting as a mobile locker for clients.

Like other delivery robots, the Ottobot Locker contains a locked box that can be navigated to a specific location on command. This includes both kerbside deliveries out in the world as well as indoor-based shuttling of goods.

The smart locker is also able to run seamlessly on the Harbor Locker app ecosystem, so it will work with various point of sale and vendor apps as well as ordering apps.

“Locker One Ventures is focused on innovating customer experiences with new services and applications,” said Smart Locker Expert and General Partner of Locker One Ventures, Arik Levy. “Integrating first and last-mile options with autonomous robots is paving the way for the future of logistics. With this investment and partnership, we are excited to be at the forefront of creating a new standard for contactless customer service.”

While shuttling groceries to people’s homes is becoming more of an everyday thing, Ottonomy has come up with another potential way to use the automation platform.

The Ottobot Brew is a mobile beverage service, which can provide customers with drinks wherever they are. Just like Ottobot Locker in concept, the grocery container is switched out with a cooler and CO2 draft system from Cooler Keg, which can dispense various beverages.

Rather than for home delivery, the Ottobot Brew is intended more for event and hospitality locations, such as stadiums, hotels, and casinos.

“Our autonomous robot technology is changing the way brands can meet growing customer demands,” explained CEO and co-founder, Ritukar Vijay. “All of our strategic partnerships will focus on ways that autonomous delivery robots can sustainably enhance customer service through accessibility, mobility and scalability.”

While Ottonomy doesn’t plan to sell its Ottobots to the public, don’t be surprised if you see one used for delivering goods in the future.

For those beer fans in the US looking for gadgets they can actually take home later this year, CES 2024 has also delivered the ExoBrew home beer brewing machine.

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