Ottonomy Delivers to Passengers Waiting at Airport Gates

Ottonomy is bringing the concept of last-mile delivery to the unique use case of airline passengers waiting to board an airplane. Using autonomous delivery pods and a smartphone app, Ottonomy enables airline passengers to securely order fast-food, snacks, and gifts from in-terminal vendors and have the items securely delivered to the passenger waiting at an airline gate (airport gates). If the airplane loads while waiting for the delivery and you miss the pick up, no problem – the item is returned and your fee is refunded.

Ottonomy did its market research. The airline terminal delivery application is novel, yet it combines mature technologies that are ready for use. An airline terminal is a self-contained, well-defined space. Unlike a street or sidewalk, the climate inside an airline terminal is environmentally controlled, and the biggest obstacles for an autonomous mobile robot are moving people, electric carts, and luggage bags. The floor surface in an airline terminal is also designed for wheelchairs and carts, making it easy for the Ottonomy delivery pods to maneuver around the facility. Ottonomy is providing a win-win service to both weary travelers and to airline terminal vendors. – Mike Oitzman

Ottonomy AMR delivers to patron at the airport terminal - Delivery Robot Airport Gates

Published in: Robotics Business Review